Bracelet VS Rubber

Just got a pair of new shoes for the speedy - OEM rubber fresh from my local AD.

Which option would be your pick?

519 votes

Forstner Komfit 馃憤馃徎

Tbh, neither :) I鈥檇 put it on leather!

C Team Leather.


C Team Leather.

Actually I was wearing the watch on a thick brown leather before the switch and it was a looker.

Don't ask why I didn't take a picture though.. wondering myself 馃ぃ


Forstner Komfit 馃憤馃徎

I have it but it is a "yet to try"

Forced to pick one, bracelet. Having the options I tend to swap around a lot.

Nato. So many color and style options.

I do both. Think I like the bracelet a little more than the rubber.

All..! If I鈥檓 forced at gun point then bracelet

Leather, then a bracelet, then rubber.