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SurferJohn ·

The "Strapmonster" concept - I don't get it.....Help!

Lord knows I've tried, but I haven't gotten into the concept of the "Strapmonster." For the most part, my watches just gravitate toward the strap/brac...
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MFB.90 ·

Nato on my Speedy

I recently started changing straps on my watches more frequently. Today I switched the bracelet on my Speedy for a split Nato from miros-time for a hi...
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Old_School ·


You know its Monday and its time to call it a day when you change your watch strap, step back in victory and see this...
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A0860000 ·

Longines Spirit 37 Owners - Top 5 Straps

For all the Spirit 37 owners: what are the top straps you love or would love to own? About to get a Spirit myself and would love to see the top choice...
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George55 ·

Quick Change Spring Bars

Is there any way to change normal spring bars for quick change? I’m sure Apple didn’t invent this but I’d assume the Apple Watch has made quick change...
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Hoots1 ·

Opinions wanted:

Is this Ball Fireman Glory too dressy for a single pass NATO?
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Strap monster Squale

Here is a Squale Corso Italiano on the straps I like to rotate on it. The watch is versatile enough to be appropriate for any occasion depending on th...
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NCExpat ·

What would you wear your watch on for a nice occassion?

Let's say you're going out with someone special. Maybe dinner at a nice restaurant or going to see an opera or play. Let's also say that you have a watch that looks good on a variety of straps and its...
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TDYRanger ·

Diver on leather

So what’s your opinion… is leather on a dive watch cool or is it an abomination unto the Lord our God?!? Clearly I really like the look of this finwat...
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jonathanRstafford ·


What's this style of watch strap called? And where can I find one that's affordable? (photo from microbrand Hegid)
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