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Happy Valentine鈥檚 Day to me.

After two months at the service center, I finally got my GS back today. Just in time for Valentine鈥檚 dinner.

NWA Alert (sort of).

My second attempt at a watch Mod (fist had a few set-backs). It didn鈥檛 go exactly as planned. I wanted to swap dials, but found the one I had was too...

Another new watch

I decided to try modding and/or building some watches. So I purchased this from a local private seller for a great deal as a base unit it work on. Whi...

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commented on Can I slash the collection from 10 to 6?

Rolex (only cause I don鈥檛 like gold), the Cartier, Mont Blanc, and the Aquaracer would be my choice to go.

commented on Do you consider where you wear your watches?

I work for a paint manufacturer, I am in sales so I鈥檓 not getting paint on me much. But I will think about where my day may take me, and not wear my Grand Seiko if I think I鈥檓 going to be around wet paint, or if I鈥檓 going to be transporting several 5 gallon cans of paint. But other than that, I don鈥檛 think about it too much. Nobody really notices the brand of watch I鈥檓 wearing.

commented on Could you settle an argument?

At first I was going to say that your are OBVIOUSLY correct. I still think you鈥檙e correct. It鈥檚 the long side. But, when I looked at the seconds closely I can see where your wife is coming from.

commented on Seiko Willard mod


commented on Building a watch - ideas/ inspiration?

Thanks! I appreciate it. Let鈥檚 us know how your first build goes!

commented on Building a watch - ideas/ inspiration?

Man, that鈥檚 an awesome set up. Im jealous. Makes me want to create a better workspace. Hahahah.

commented on Funding watch acquisitions via selling watches on eBay

I鈥檝e used Facebook and OfferUp to buy and sell a few and have had pretty good interactions so far. All have been local deals. Which I prefer. However, I have not made a profit on any of them. But I wasn鈥檛 expecting to. I did get fair prices though.

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Go Dawgs and thanks for a great season.

Tough loss tonight. But it鈥檚 been a great season. To make it watch related, I wore the Omega Seamaster 300 for every game this year. Great game to any...

First new watch of 2024

It鈥檚 funny, I鈥檇 never heard of this watch a few months ago. Then my friend showed one to me in his shop. (He ownes a watch shop). I kinda dismissed it...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my new friends here on WatchCrunch. Here鈥檚 to an even better 2024.

Merry Christmas

Wearing the new Seiko this Christmas morning.

Last watch of 2024

Spur of the moment addition this evening. Found a local seller willing to part with this awesome watch.

SOTC 2023.

Hi, My name is Ryan. I just recently joined and have been enjoying WatchCrunch as an observer. Thought I鈥檇 join in with a SOTC post. I don鈥檛 really co...