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NWA - it鈥檚 Mr. Jones delivery day.

I鈥檝e been thinking about one of these for years but never seem to catch the sale until this time. The tiger, the black case and mesh bracelet, automat...

Finally got my Fluco strap!

I鈥檓 elevating my vintage Grand Seiko today with a new Fluco strap. I鈥檓 always looking for straps that look good and feel right and it鈥檚 a challenge. U...

Love finding a NOS Seiko!

Picked up this little flieger after seeing one on instagram and diving straight into the eBay rabbit hole. I鈥檓 not a field watch or flieger person usu...

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commented on Celebrate good times - Come on!

Congratulations on getting through that drama and stress with grace. You鈥檙e an amazing dad!

commented on SOTC - from a 6-inch wrister!

Nice collection. I always gravitate to the mini turtle. I think your three in question are similar but if you wear them all often I鈥檇 keep and enjoy them.

commented on Tool Watch

Love this watch and strap combo!

commented on One week, one watch....Week 23

I love an engraved watch and knowing someone else had the same experience you鈥檙e having. Gorgeous piece!

commented on Quartz! To be or not to be part of the collection

Enjoying the quartz love in this thread! Plus one to everything said about reliability, precision and finish.

The watch on the right is from 1996 and performs like it was built yesterday. IMO these are money well spent.

commented on First watch recommendations?

Nomos always.

commented on Mr Jones Perfectly Useless Afternoon

Always so tempted to get this one. The ostrich strap looks amazing!

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Scurfas are back!

I know there are some Scurfa fans here in Crunchland. They are not doing a launch or setting a time to sell for December releases but putting them on...

New Birthday Watch!

Arrived just in time for my birthday! I鈥檝e been stalking Constellation Manhattan listings for a long time just waiting for the right one. This one is...

Finally got my Neptune!

I鈥檝e been thinking and plotting to pick up a Lorier Neptune IV for a while for two reasons. First, I am coveting a Black Bay 58, especially after tryi...