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DancingWatch ·

Need help finding spring bars which fit my SPB203J1

Unfortunately whilst changing out the bracelet one of my spring bars decided to take a one-way trip to the shadow realm. I have regular 20mm spring ba...
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Dysconnect ·

Affordable watches with jubilee bracelet?

Hi chrunchers, hope you all are having a great time. I really like watches on bracelets, especially on jubilee bracelet but I never pulled the trigger...
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Owdlad ·


The purpose of this post is twofold. One to vent my frustration, and second to seek assistance and ideas. I have just taken possession of a Seiko Sary...
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mofupanda ·

help me get my girlfriend her first automatic watch

Hello guys . i need help of all of you watch enthusiasts out there to get a gift for my girlfriend (18f) in a budget. I am deep into watches but she i...
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MMerc5 ·

Question about warranties

Hi all, so one of my supposedly tough and military spec watches, my Marathon field watch has gone kaput. After having it on my watch winder and I chec...
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linken ·

Choosing a dial

Hi, I want to hear others' opinions to explore different perspectives although they may not affect my outcome. But I have decided to get this longine...
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DancingWatch ·

What do you do to keep yourself disciplined when it comes to our watch hobby?

I had a very honest hard look at myself today, I was online looking at more watches and I almost pulled the trigger on one until a little voice said i...
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77red96 ·

My TagHeuer WAC111A service horror story!

Hi, this is my first post, ideally I'm looking for some advice. This is my TagHeuer Formula one WAC111A (the one with the alarm) I'll give a little ba...
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vandium ·

February Fool's Day - Badge Help

Hello WatchCrunchers! I guess I missed the memo about "February Fool's Day," but can anyone help me resolve this issue? See the problem? I'm gunning t...
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Deskdiverdiaries ·

Hey Guys 👋 …and please help me!

Self confessed newbie watch nerd here 🙋🏻‍♂️, hi all and thanks for having me! I‘m Si, based near Liverpool in England. I’ve been collecting watches fo...
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