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How to start a vintage watch collection for under $50

Hello dear watch friends, I often see that some people have difficulty building a vintage watch collection. I'll give you a few tips on how anyone can...

Does anyone know a quality person to service this?

My grandfather passed a few years ago, leaving me his vintage omega that he wore during his wedding. I'm getting married next year and I wanted to wea...

Is Alba worth it?

Hi everyone it’s amazing to finally be on Watch Crunch and be a part of this awesome community! I need help with my upcoming purchase which is an Alba...

My automatic watch keeps losing time

Greetings, fellow WC. I need your help. I still regard myself as a beginner. Two weeks ago, I treated myself to a gorgeous Tudor Royal 28 as a post-bi...

Hypothetical Question & Suggestions

A few days ago, I was running errands and I found this small jewelry shop. I went inside and long story short, the guy had the watch shown above, with...

46mm Jumbo Diver/Pilot's Automatic Chronograph (CSAR) with Stainless S

Wearing to Impress

Going on a double date tonight, never met the other guy, but I know he recently acquired a VC 56: I have nothing comparable, and though I hope he's a...

Help me decide!

I found this offer in a small town, for the 2 watches he is asking 575eur. I know, this is a really good deal. But the chronograph seconds hand is mis...

SOTC 2024 And Suggestions

Hi all! New to watchcrunch and relatively new to this watch collecting addiction. I've recently gotten to the point where I'm running low on slots in...

Which one????

I have pre-ordered the Watermelon…because that to me is the quintessential Studio Underdog watch. But I’m in a dilemmma now - will it be a watch I wil...

Cadola Intercontinental

Hi! I like the style of the watch but i have some questions. Anyone knows this brand or use their products? Any QC issues? I knew Cadola is owned by t...