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tizi13 ·

Selling watches.. yes or no?

Hi everyone, I have been collecting for a little over 3 years now and never sold a watch. Now that I have a few I constantly think if it makes sense t...
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Gina910 ·

Help me find my childhood watch!

Hi all! In the last year, I've been on a quest to find my first digital watch. When I was a kid I got my first digital watch as a 1st place price in a...
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OscarKlosoff ·

Vintage 1920's Women's Ribbon Watch Band - WTF? Need Help

I got granny's watch repaired and the dial and case really cleaned up well. Now there is the problem of getting it on a wrist. It was found with this...
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watchstoryist ·

Opinions Wanted - Ciga Z Series

watch friends. i’m interested in getting the Ciga Design Z Series. in the past, it appears the price differential between steel and titanium was negli...
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thekris ·

Cartier Advice

So instead of buying myself a BB 58 or something else fun, I've decided to finally be a semi-thoughtful husband and get my wife a watch for our annive...
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OmegaSimp ·

Help me: a stienhart dilema

I have a 7.5 inch wrist and need to know what is going to fit it does anyone with a similar sized wrist own a 42mm stienhart, and if so do you think i...
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daffie ·

Immortal push pins from the Gods - Removal help

My Girlfriend got a watch with push pins. I've adjusted straps a bunch, with hammer and pin pusher and the little pin pusher vice type thing (Not sure...
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What2Watch ·

Recommendations for strap/bracelet shops in the EU?

Can anyone recommend a good EU based place for buying quality straps and bracelets. Specifically looking for a nice bracelet with half-link options an...
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erochelle ·

Invicta anomaly

Hi, first post. I know Invicta has a reputation, and isn't even bothered with by most watch enthusiasts. But everything has an expert, and I'm hoping...
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OmegaSimp ·

Update on my New Watch

If you haven't seen my original post on this I have been looking for an around about 500 dollar watch this would be a daily wear and should be able to...
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