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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Finally somewhat glare-free😅

I guess the secret is whiskey in bed while watching my team in the playoffs

Tank Francaise

More ostriches have been added to the scuderia

One watch per week

Planning on doing one watch per week till March. What watch would you start off with?
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commented on JLWatches's WRUW ·

Great looking piece! Congrats on the new addition 🍻

commented on vandalstone's WRUW ·

Thanks Karl!

commented on vandalstone's WRUW ·

If you get the opportunity do it! This watch is a lifer for me I’ll never part with it

commented on vandalstone's WRUW ·

First gen blackbay 36. Haha the reflection of the dead weeds in my backyard are giving it that “gold gilting” 😅

commented on vandalstone's WRUW ·

Thanks Rene!

commented on vandalstone's WRUW ·

Thanks Travis! Couldn’t agreement more👌🏼

commented on Shit happens... 😅 ·

Maybe he just wasn’t a fan of the helium escape valve 😂😂

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Another SaturBAY


Cartier Tank Francaise

Blue swords today ⚔️

Bill x Bonklip

I’ve had my Bill on the bonklip for almost a week and it’s quickly become one of my favorite combos I regret not trying it sooner. I’ll be switching b...

Vitruvius. ◻️ or ⚪️ ?

Which one for your daily white dial?
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Last day in the office! Man what a year 🍻

I can already tell this will be my most worn watch next year. Happy New year crunchers!

Bill x Bonklip

First time putting this combo together and it’s definitely growing on me. Something about this made me reach for my Civivi instead of my Kizer