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Decluttering / making space / consolidating / culling the herd

I had a change of heart. I need to create some space. I like all of them in some specific way but they don't get much wrist time and I feel more and m...

Visit to a Rolex AD

I'm starting to get a real interest in getting a Rolex Explorer. I went today to the closest AD from where I live to try and see if I could get my han...

Chaffee’s Timex

I spent a day at the Kennedy Space Center and came across this beautiful Timex. Simple and elegant, it survives its owner to this day. Tragic story. I...

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YYZ_Frenchie commented on Do you have a "Grail Watch"? ·

This is VERY true. I could have commented on a Rolex Explorer, but since I know I'm getting one, I feel I am not immune to finding myself lusting after another piece later on.

YYZ_Frenchie commented on crownandlume's WRUW ·

That thing feel right at home on that nato strap. This looks like a frame from a yakuza movie.

YYZ_Frenchie commented on Gobius's WRUW ·

Trying to start a new trend “watches and dog-shaming” ? 🤣

YYZ_Frenchie commented on watch_schlicks's WRUW ·

Beautiful shot and a very unique dial. Love it.

YYZ_Frenchie commented on What was your first “luxury” watch purchase? ·

Very cool Zodiac. I myself am a big fan of white dials, and this green circle of colour around it makes it really pop!

my first really nice watch was a Longines Master Collection chrono


I still have it and enjoy the hell out of it.

YYZ_Frenchie commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large ·

I think that’s the way I’ll go. I just measured my wrist at 18mm/7in.

Let us know which Santos you choose! 😉

YYZ_Frenchie commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large ·

The two current references of Explorers: the 36mm 124270 and the 40mm 224270. more details here: https://www.watchcrunch.com/YYZ_Frenchie/posts/visit-to-a-rolex-ad-260613

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Looks the part!! 🤡

Shopper’s Drug Mart is selling 20$ Submariners 😀

First Time SOTC

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