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I was wrong about my oldest watch that I’ve owned!

Happy Tuesday Crunchers! I’ve always though that ‘the watch’ that got me into watches was my Seiko SKX007, I’m wrong… I’ve had my Swatch Irony when it...

Lume shots!

Happy Thursday crunchers! Just wanted to post some lume shots of the Tudor BB58 vs my other Seiko divers (SKX007, SBBN017 & SBDB009) which are abo...

Seiko SKX007 still a favourite?

The SKX007 has been a lot of our favourite watch when we started this journey. Is it still yours in 2024? I still love mine😍

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commented on ChronoGuy's WRUW ·

That’s a gorgeous watch and congrats on getting your hands on one of these! Super rare and Cool 😎

commented on fred.lucas93's WRUW ·

Haha thanks. Just put it on today.

commented on fred.lucas93's WRUW ·

Nice watch

commented on Kiremb's WRUW ·

That orange strap is fire! I keep shying away from getting a orange strap… maybe it’s about time😅

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”? ·

I suppose that’s the difference between sharing and validation is kinda getting the ‘approval’? Have a great weekend ahead🍻

commented on Consolidating ·

Not an easy task as you’ve got a nice collection! Looks like you like some color in the collection so for me, the Seiko, Timex and definitely the Studio. Good luck with your choices 🤞

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SOTC 2024

Just wanted to share my trimmed collection for 2024. I’m not sure if anyone is interested in my small collection but I’m kinda enjoying the reduced co...

Vintage watches

Hi crunchers👋. Just sharing some watches that were passed down to me. Thinking of getting them repaired but I think the repair cost will get me a new...

My First Love - Seiko SKX007

Many have came and gone, but my trusty SKX007 remains by my side till today after 10 years of companionship. It’s also such a photogenic watch don’t y...

Tudor BB58 on the Uncle President bracelet

Just resized and out on the Uncle president bracelet on my Tudor BB58. I think it looks great! What do you guys think?

Seiko Tuna SBBN017 - Finally!!!

Finally pulled the trigger on this beast! Believe it or not this 47+mm watch is actually on a 6.5” wrist 😅

Do you like the Tudor Black Bay 58 bracelet?

Hi Crunchers! I like the bracelet that came with the BB58 but was thinking of changing it to make the watch feel ‘new’ again. I usually swap it with a...