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Mido Ocean Star Tribute.

Iโ€™m liking the look of the Mido Ocean Star Tribute but Iโ€™m reluctant to buy a watch without reviewing it โ€˜in the fleshโ€™ so to speak. As far as I can t...

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Aa_bcfc commented on I have sinned! Sinn 104 ยท

The blue dial 104 looks great. I really enjoy my 104 which suits the Sinn brown leather strap perfectly. I also have a Sinn canvas and Sinn grey Alcantara which I wear it on occasionally. Sinn straps are excellent quality and excellent VFM. Iโ€™ve only worn it a couple of times on the bracelet, I wouldnโ€™t get one if I were you as the clasp is not at the same quality as the rest of the watch.

Aa_bcfc commented on First automatic ๐Ÿ‘ ยท


Aa_bcfc commented on New Oris Big Crown Pointer Date ยท

As someone who owns the Hanhart you were considering I can see why you decided upon that Oris. Itโ€™s a stunner.

Aa_bcfc commented on This is my watch-nerd detector ยท

Sinn 556 and Hanhart preventor 9.

Aa_bcfc commented on Soliciting Negative Opinions on Longines ยท

I currently own 2 Longines and they both offer (IMO) decent value and finishing. Iโ€™d get another if the right watch came along at the right price.

My only gripe with my hydroconquest is the rather basic clasp. No problem at all with my Spirit which I wear on a Artem sailcloth.

Aa_bcfc commented on Question for a milestone watch. ยท

Iโ€™m a fan of CW but in this case I think Iโ€™d go for the Farer.

I would reconsider the engraving though. Itโ€™ll make any watch very difficult to sell should you want to further down the line.

Aa_bcfc commented on My longines hydroconquset 39mm in the snow ยท

Try Etsy.

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Thoughts on Hanhart Preventor 9.

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