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Mido Ocean Star Tribute.

Iโ€™m liking the look of the Mido Ocean Star Tribute but Iโ€™m reluctant to buy a watch without reviewing it โ€˜in the fleshโ€™ so to speak. As far as I can t...

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Aa_bcfc commented on My next purchaseโ€ฆ itโ€™s come down to 2 ยท

OP, absolutely no contest. GS has awful dial and clumsy PR dial.

Aa_bcfc commented on My Fellow Seiko lovers. ยท

If I had to choose between the two Iโ€™d get the SSC911. That is only because I had the SSC813 and sold it.

Even though I have a puny wrist I found the 813 too small especially the lower sub dial with the unnecessary F/E gauge. That wasnโ€™t the reason I let it go though. For a panda I disliked the purple hue of the sub dials (even though I like that it was solar). I also disliked the useless 24hr sub dial and the (IMHU) dreadful date window. I tried it on a strap which to me improved the watch as the end link integration onto the case of the bracelet was poor.

As I said I ended up selling it and replacing it with a Certina DS-2 presidrive. Clearly not a panda but IMHO a better watch in every aspect apart from not being solar.

Aa_bcfc commented on Sector deep blue is coming! ยท

I had a sector pilot which I only sold to part fund another watch. The blue dial sector deep is without doubt a watch Iโ€™m likely to buy next year.

Aa_bcfc commented on Microbrand Dive Watches ยท

Or perhaps a Sector deep.

Aa_bcfc commented on New acquisition, 417 es limited edition 59/150 ยท

The blue dial with red accents without the bund looks great and certainly changes the look of the 417 considerably.

Aa_bcfc commented on New acquisition, 417 es limited edition 59/150 ยท

You can get the strap part of the bund strap from Hanhart at a reasonable price.

Aa_bcfc commented on New acquisition, 417 es limited edition 59/150 ยท

Thatโ€™s a bloody super looking Hanhart. My pioneer 417 is a favourite of mine I particularly like the bund strap as I think it suits the vibe of the non panda version. I have the brown and the black bund which I swap out to change the look of the watches.


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