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SOTC 2023, sunday, 3rd of december , 5.22 pm, so far, so good, but not far or good enough

Today the weather was nice, so I stayed inside to look after my timepieces. Changed some straps and bracelets, having a good time with the watches ins...

How to integrate beloved timepieces in your bedroom, so you have always sweet dreams

For the number of watches I鈥榤 living with, a watchbox isn鈥榯 adequate for sure. I own 47 watches and there鈥榮 no end in sight. I don鈥榯 like some boxes s...

My best golden plated BWC so far

Heavenly body, slim and sexy, elegant and timeless

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4711kt commented on Am I a bad person?

It鈥榮 spelled J E R K , jerk 馃檲

4711kt commented on 4711kt's WRUW

You鈥榬e my trusted doc, thank you馃檹

4711kt commented on Watches we hate:

This a really ugly piece of wood. Really ugly! I like wood, I鈥榤 a carpenter, but not in this shape. The dial looks like carved out of a piece of furniture from Ikea, the bracelet is crude, clumsy and in no direction sharp, refined or beautiful in any way. It doesn鈥榯 transport the idea of elegance or purpose or the spirit of the beauty of Time made visible. Sorry for my german english, sometimes even me doesn鈥榯 Unterstand, what I want to say 馃檹wood no good for watch so much馃お

4711kt commented on 4711kt's WRUW

Thank you sir, you鈥榲e got the kind of taste, which I call superior馃

4711kt commented on YourIntruder's WRUW

Hothothot. I hope, the dial has the colour of caramelized brown sugar .A sweety馃槏

4711kt commented on vandalstone's WRUW

Domed dream! The 4 is soooo sexy馃敟馃槏

4711kt commented on TickyBurden's WRUW

For sure this isn鈥榯 deep blue! They cheated on you, they sold you a shiny yellow one.馃榾