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Got one of those watch boxes

This just arrived today and it fits my whole collection (a bunch more in the top drawer). Bottom drawer holds various straps, bracelets, and my travel...

A work in progress

Working on another of my neighbor鈥檚 watches. This one is a bit more challenging. I need a crown stem for a quartz movement. It looks like it would be...

Cleaned up my neighbors watch today

My neighbor was brave enough to give me two of his watches to work on. This is the easier of the two. I removed the bracelet and put it in the sonic c...

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iPhone 15 Pro Max

commented on drcarter13's WRUW

Very cool!

commented on Ottoswatches's WRUW

Normally I don鈥檛 like them, but I do enjoy this one quite a bit! The backlight in this is pretty great also

commented on Got one of those watch boxes
commented on A work in progress

Thank you!!! Will do!

commented on A work in progress

This is the movement. It would be great but I could do what you mentioned. Just a stem would be awesome!

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Bulova Mens Black Leather Strap Watch 96b158

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NWA: Mr. Jones, A Perfectly Useless Morning

Every bit as playful and colorful as I was looking for. The dial really does look even better in person. I wasn鈥檛 expecting the packaging to be so coo...

Experiences with the Longines 42mm legend diver?

This watch has been a recent obsession of mine. It fits the aesthetic I like - vintage vibes and high legibility at a glance. 42mm is fine as my wrist...

Looking for something colorful and playful

I really enjoy my collection and straps right now, but looking for something colorful and less serious. This Mr. Jones watch is one I really like so f...

CW Sealander GMT

The orange rubber brings out the accent color on the dial. Really enjoy this combo!

Speedy Pro

Speedy Pro on Mancave leather custom strap


BB58 on Mancave leather custom strap. Love the warmth of this combo