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6.89” / 17.50 cm Wrist
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IRS Tax Refund? Mr. Wilsdorf wants to know, will you add to your collection?

How many of you plan on using your IRS Tax Refund to add to your collection?
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commented on Blancpain Bathyscaphe ·

Buy it to own it and not flip it. If you flip it you will take a "bath" pun intended. Now, for the watch - beautiful piece. I have tried one on and almost bought it but opted for a different piece. The dial is magnificent.

commented on NWA Tudor Monochrome (and last for a while) ·

Future classic -- 124060 be damned! Congrats! Did you just walk in and purchase or did you have to go thru the (at times) ridiculous "spend - history, bribery, begging" to buy it? Just askin'

commented on From Royalty to Your Wrist: The Dazzling Legacy of Diamond Watches ·

Beautiful watch however, you need the right attitude, clothes car etc. to pull it off. Too blingy for me...

commented on Watch interrupted... ·

Yeeeshhhh, at least you didn't get it for her before you got laid-off. What is more important is she knows you appreciate her achievement - get her a watch when you get back on your feet. Good luck!

commented on Making the Cartier Tank Must less formal? ·

Cartier + NATO -- not so much. That is like putting peanut butter on spaghetti, just my two cents. The other two look fantastic - that Cartier deserves better than a NATO.

commented on Need recommendations for a GMT ·

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant... and spot on.

commented on Submariner alternatives ·

Glashutte... Diver Panodate. I own the FXD-23', 124060, Heritage Black Bay (Smiley face), Sinn U200 and the GO Panodate and it has an amazing movement and finish...right up there with Rolex and you can get one - Getting a Sub no date is ridiculous from the AD - even now...

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Has anyone ever tried to get one of these serviced?

Curious to know if anyone has tried to get a Vostok/Zissou serviced? This one is about 10 years old and runs about 4min fast per day. Fun watch by the...