Vote: Are You Moving Away From Rolex?

Ok some context. With the ever increasing difficulty of getting one's hands on a Rolex piece, and dealers buying from the grey market (see Nico Leonard's vids on that). Are you starting to move away from Rolex in favor of other brands? Why or Why not?

A): Yes

B): No, not really

C) I haven't decided yet.

I'll start...

B; I collect a variety of pieces and the wait isn't too much of an issue because I'll pick something else up on the list. I will say it is annoying that there's a long wait for pieces like the OP and Subs.

I hope everyone else's interest moves away from Rolex so prices on the 5-digit references that I like start to get back to reasonable levels. 聽(or I could be wrong, they could keep going at 50% year over year, and in 25 years a 16570 could be like $100m). 馃ぃ

Been collecting for years and never had any more than a passing interest in Rolex. On 3 occasions I 聽I actually went to an AD and on all 3 occasions ,after side by side comparisons, I walked out with something else.

1st time- Breitling Superocean

2nd time-Chopard Mille Miglia 2001

3rd time-Omega Planet Ocean

There won't be a 4th time.

I never moved towards Rolex.

So basically they flipped the case and dial upside down

As the other guy said, I have never moved towards Rolex. I like them, they make great looking watches but so do Omega, Zenith, Breitling, Tudor, IWC, Sinn, Longines, Hamilton and I can buy them at retail. It is so unappealing for me to have to jump through hoops to get permission to give someone my money.

There are a couple of Rolex watches that I like but they are very plain and simple ones. The rest just don't do it for me , in fact I couldn't bring myself to wear one. Unless it is an Explorer or a steel 聽OP white dial.

Yes: A

Never got into Rolex in the first place. I absolutely hate fluted bezels, i dislike tacky watches.聽

And almost the complete lineup looks like cheap beach watches from turkey. Only reason of their existence is to scream "LOOOOOOK AT MEEEEEE, I'M SOOO COOOL WITH MY BLING" from 10 meters away.

Only model i really was thinking about getting, was the Explorer II. But i'm a customer and not a beggar. So if the AD treats me like a beggar, he will never see me again.

That's when i became a regular at Omega.

I like Rolexes but I fortunately like lots of other watches too so it's "A" for me.

Don't get me wrong. If I could get one I like at retail from an AD, I'll be back but flippers, flexers and financiers (the F'ers) have driven demand to such feedback loop frenzied heights that the hope of me "getting the call" from my AD on my now 3+ year wait on the "list" for the Rolex I want is gone.聽

When I saw Mr. Wonderful criticize a watch brand for mismanaging supply and therefore its brand because you could go into the stores and readily buy them making them poor "investments", I realized we are in tulip territory and was happy that I like so many other watch brands too (watches that I can freely wear and enjoy without worrying about them possibly losing value).

I have three but no desire to get another. Social media has ruined my interest in the brand. Zenith is now the main brand for me.

I was never anywhere near Rolex, so I don't know how I could be further away. When I started to pay attention, the hype train was already chugging along, and by the time I might have been ready to get serious about Rolex, it was barreling through the station, so I stayed out of the way and looked elsewhere. I have no idea if I'd be interested in Rolex absent the hype. Rolex is completely unavoidable. If I want one, it's because of hype. If I avoid it, it's because of hype. Hype defines Rolex, it colors every relationship to it.聽

A) Yes.

I have a generally good opinion of the watches and quality, but I already have the one watch they make that really speaks to me (Explorer). There鈥檚 nothing else in their current catalog that would make me take a number at their deli counter.

The only Rolex I am interested in is th explorer. I put my name on a waitinglist 14 months ago and will pick it up tomorrow 馃槄 at retail, yes, otherwise no, I would never buy it. but then, it will probably be the only rolex I will buy because I am interested in so many other brands聽

As a long time owner I'm not pleased with the current situation, but I'm still a- "B): No, not really".

Besides, if the powers that be keep killing the economy, we'll eventually be able to buy them for pennies on the dollar!

At the end of the day, this too shall pass...

Everything is cyclical.聽

I鈥檝e also never gotten into Rolexes. I was in the business world for many years. For me, I鈥檓 generally not a fan of large watches, not into fluted cases and don鈥檛 like the statement a Rolex on your wrist makes. I understand there are people who like them, fine with me, but not for me. So, I guess I鈥檓 a 鈥楤鈥; can鈥榯 move away from a place you never were. 聽

I am sorry to say this, but it doesn麓t matter if we are moving away from Rolex or not... the thing is that, Rolex has moved away from us...