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Got the Call (just not the one you think)

After 2 years on the waitlist, I got the call (well email) for the Helm Vanuatu Ti. Even though it took so long, I like these kinds of lists where you...
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Rocketfan commented on Targeted Breda Ads ·

Targeted ads where?  I thought I was getting all the targeted watch ads but have never seen an ad for this brand.  I have FOMO although now that I have done a google search for the brand, I'm sure I'll start getting their ads too.

With Instagram devolving into Ads and influencers, I stopped going to it until I started getting peppered with ads for new watches and watch brands.  Now, the only reason I open Instagram is to see the watch ads.

Rocketfan commented on Intro and Latest Addition ·

Welcome and thanks for pointing us to a new app. It seems to track all the right facts and metrics (most of which I don't track but definitely would if there was a convenient place to input and view them).  

That's just what I needed.  Something to make it easier for me to obsess more about watches. 

Rocketfan commented on Thoughts on Homage Watches? ·

I don't have any problem with them but thought they weren't for me. However, I recently saw a watch (Chinese) that I really like but discovered later was a homage and am now thinking I'll just get one to get it out of my system. 

Plus, I discovered that the Swiss watch I thought was being homaged is actually a homage of a whole class of older watches.  So even if I got the homage, it would be a homage of a homage. Is there no originality in watches anymore?  

Rocketfan commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising? ·

Cool article and it mostly lines up with what Seiko says about its watches.

Interesting thing about Seiko:

  • 50 meters ok for swimming, yachting, and taking a shower (though my 5KX bezel got sticky over time which I attribute to my hot showers).
  • 100-200 meters ok for bathing and shallow diving (though I wonder about the difference between bathing and swimming/showering).
  • Divers 200 Meters ok for scuba diving

Not that anything beyond what Seiko says is ok for 50 meters applies to me at all.

Rocketfan commented on Do you repair/ service/ modify your watches? ·

Like many. I mostly just change straps and batteries.  I also use a cheap 5KX dive "style" watch as my beater watch both to wear while doing chores outside and to use as a tester to mod (easily replaceable/ who cares if I screw it up) which so far has been just to try different bezels and bezel inserts but I'm thinking of changing the dial, hands and maybe the crystal over the Holidays.    

Rocketfan commented on Seiko Spirit Chronograph SBTR027 JDM Model ·

Wow, great looking watch. I am so tempted to pick one up as a stocking stuffer (for myself). Online, it says the dial is grey but all the pics make it look blue (like a lighter shade of the new blue 57 Speedmaster). @PlusMinus, when you say "almost grey blue dial", do you mean blue but almost grey (which is what I am looking for)?

I want a mecha quartz (always running and easy to pick up and go) and the value pricing and what I think is the dial color is pushing this one toward the finish line (assuming it's not really grey).  Wish I could see it in person but I don't live in Japan. 

Rocketfan commented on A genie grants you ONE wish! ·

If money is no object, shoot for the stars.  The JLC Master Hybris Artistica.  Perfect stellar companion for my Speedy Moonwatch. Chiming minute repeater, tourbillion, and display of regular and sidereal time 😍.  I wonder how much this watch costs to get serviced.