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My first watch. It has bears on it!)

Hi folks, recently I've visited my parents for the first time since the war in Ukraine started (we live in different cities and I wasn't able to trave...
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tonyberneta commented on Latest addition and a new skill ·

Congratulations, what a stunning piece!

tonyberneta commented on My first watch. It has bears on it!) ·

It's cheap quartz for sure, and there is no reference number engraved on the case. It looks like it was discontinued long long time ago, because I don't see it in current kids collection of Q&Q brand. Text on the bottom of the dial says "v303-003 yon" but I Google doesn't show this watch when I try to search these numbers.

tonyberneta commented on What does everyone think of the new Tissot PRX 35mm automatic? ·

35 is a perfect size for a small wrist IMO

tonyberneta commented on My first watch. It has bears on it!) ·

You're absolutely right, would be great to pass it to my children😜 If I ever decide to get them LOL)

tonyberneta commented on Grail watch hunt postponed ·

Wow, what happened to the poor boy/girl?

tonyberneta commented on The Speedmaster 3861 looks HUGE on my 6.75 inch / 17 cm wrist ·

Looks too big, IMO.

tonyberneta commented on 8-Bit Brew - Fun But Elegant ·

Unique piece, I wouldn't buy it personally but I like it a lot!

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Can't stop appreciating Longines Spirit 37mm

I don't know whether it'll be replaced by Grand Seiko with 62GS case one day, but as of now I am loving this watch. Looks absolutely stunning when you...
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