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NWA: 1967 Omega De Ville Automatic

Good morning, friends! This absolute stunner arrived this morning and I am completely smitten!! First purchase since April, and the pictures don't nea...


Not long ago, I wrote to tell you all my first intentional automatic watch I ever bought was running plus one hour and 20 minutes fast per day, and yo...

Today Years Old...

The Nomos Ahoi... now in 38.5mm. Launched this past July. Neomatic. 200m WR. Nice knowing you, wallet.

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timeHoff0472 commented on timeHoff0472's WRUW

Thanks Tony! Happy Friday!

timeHoff0472 commented on First post! Black Friday purchase: Zodiac Olympos ZO9703

Welcome!! Super excited to have you with us!

timeHoff0472 commented on NWA: 1967 Omega De Ville Automatic

I Appreciate it!

timeHoff0472 commented on Small seconds: is it better?

I don't like small seconds... I LOVE them!

timeHoff0472 commented on "Monogamy is too cruel a rule"

I Love the idea... don't know if I could do it. MAYBE I could get down to four one day, but one?? Sounds terrifying.

timeHoff0472 commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW

Well thought out, Tony! From the blue dial to the canvas strap, it looks fantastic! Ha e a great Tuesday!

timeHoff0472 commented on My First "Grail"

Beautiful pickup, congratulations!! I LOVE me some Nomos...club campus included! It might even be on my purchase list one day!! Love the strap as well!

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A descent into madness??

Have I just been at my desk too long going mad (All work and no play ...Google it), but I was thinking one if the many things I love about my Orient K...

And now for something completely different...

Good morning, Everyone! To change things up a bit, this week my WRUW posts will be watches that either I have not connected with or are not getting en...

Delayed Gratification Sucks.

Hi all, the age old question here: i am currently saving for an IWC (about halfway there), and my current savings amount puts me in the market for a f...

Missed you all!

After a couple weeks of travel for fun/work, spending this rainy Saturday with my wife, faded jeans, banged up boots, and a little something shiny! Ha...

Zenith Prime El Primero

Good morning, friends!! I am back in love with this watch. Another reason I love this hobby so, you can not wear something for a bit and instantly rem...

Jack Mason Canton Day Date

Really liking what Jack Mason is doing these days. Innovative design, Miyota movement, the Canton Day Date is a great looking GADA candidate. I love s...