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hbein2022 ·

And yet another home build ... with hands I hadn't planned for.

And I just got another home build done on a slow Friday. The dial is from Crystal Time, and I just loved it when I first saw it, but I had no real ide...
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Stjarnadm ·

How good is your NH35?

Let us know how good yours is running. I have several and the best is in my new Revelot Hexmariner and it's running at -3s per day. A great workhorse...
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Jewbaka ·

The Only Invicta I've Ever Loved

One of my favorite daily wears. 200m and pressure tested to a little beyond that by my watchmaker, excellent bezel action and a lollipop seconds hand...
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hbein2022 ·

A little bit of sticker shock...

So I recently replaced a watch stem, as I moved a movement to a new case. I remembered that the stem had a number of lubrication points, and I should...
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Rocky150 ·


Is anyone holding 1 or 2 working NH35s movements that they would be willing to donate or sell for a small amount? I have collected a few watch tools a...
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Namtheman ·

My New custom 52 mas kinda homage project

Parts finally came in, it seems like dials are the longest wait parts wise, however I haven’t ordered a movement yet. I like the 52 mad style case and...
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BRSEvolve ·

Xx121 purple

Found a nice purple nato!
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Cosmodoc ·

So strange…

I just received this from Ali Express. It has an NH35. Wound it up and for the first hour or so, it ticked about 30-40 seconds too fast, Yes not per d...
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JeanPaul ·

Lumed Samurai

This is my second Build that i made im calling it the lumed samurai as shown in the pics.
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MugenEXF ·

Signum cuda Black pearl

This was my first microbrand purchase. Loved the work Kyle from Straton puts into his pieces so when I saw the cuda I had to get one.
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