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Headed to the AD who sold me this last October. Having him change out a strap on another watch and poke around to see what treasures he might have lur...

Macro Monday

"The beauty is in the details." Beauty invites... it beckons... it draws you in. Beauty calls... it entices you to look... to come closer. To behold a...
SpleNdidly KooL SNKL41 for a Serene Seiko Saturday.

Jerry rigged a new Jubilee bracelet into OEM Seiko 5 SNKL23 Clasp

This is my first watch, Seiko SNKL23, and #modding seems to never end with this one lol What’s on so far or been done so far… AR double dome sapphire...
The Rolex GMT-Master II 126720VTNR, popularly known as the "Sprite," is a remarkable addition to the esteemed GMT-Master II lineup. Introduced a few y...
Happy Travel Tuesday! Today, I'm sporting my Destro GMT-Master II "Sprite." I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! I've been reconnecting wit...
Holy great watch Batman! Pagani Design Batman GMT
Desk diving with the SKX on its original jubilee.

Seiko SNKL23, bracelet mod.

I took the Seiko clapse from my Seiko 5 GMT due to I wasn’t using that bracelet, and so I decided to put it on my SNKL23 aftermarket jubilee bracelet...

My first watch, SNKL23, back to my first mod, the Jubilee Bracelet 20mm

After couple of mods to this watch, thought I would see what it looks like with the jubilee bracelet. Currently the #seiko #snkl23 have a double dome...