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Guvnor64 ·

Digital watch birthday present for son?

My son turns seventeen in September. Since my watch collecting became a thing last year I have been trying unsuccesfully so far to get him interested...
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Bzilla ·

Thrift score yet again

I saw a Casio box at a thrift store jewelerly counter yesterday but I couldn't see the watch because it was overturned. I haven't had a Casio that cam...
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JaeBust ·

Be there or be Square! ⏹

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I am J...
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MWC2020 ·

When is it too many Casio’s?

I don’t tend to count my Casios as individua watches! More like a collective of one brand I love! But on the weekend I counted 47 Casios ! I think I m...
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Predneck ·

Looks like a Casio to me

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter of Doobie Brothers fame, a founding member of Steely Dan, played bass for Jimi Hendrix once and by the way a noted defense consult...
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Psylo88 ·

My Second State of the Casio Collection...

I haven't posted in some time as I have been busy amassing more Casio's. Regular readers of my past posts may have preferred a 'review' and I'd say to...
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Arijit ·

Sunday's over!

Took this last afternoon. Never thought a resin digital dial would look this tasty under direct sunlight! Well, no wonder F91W is a legend. It's strai...
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watstoki ·

It was 1991..

I still remember the playground buzz as my friend Dean showed off his F91W. Back then Hasbro Wrestling Figures and Casio Watches were the currency of...
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QuartzCollector ·

Casio MRW200

By far the most durable and longest living watch I've ever owned.
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DariusII ·

My 2nd Shark Arrived! Show Us Your New/Summer Watch Brand Discovery That Has Rejuvenated Your Senses!

I was at my Nephew's place having a chat, when I noticed on his wrist an unfamiliar watch. "Cool watch!", I blurted. He responded with, "Thanks, [my w...
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