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Seiko SKX009

As a collector of Seiko dive watches, I had to pick up an SKX009 to go along with my SKX007. I feel no collection is complete without these two. I fou...

Bark & Jack NATO

Just received my Bark & Jack NATO strap for my SKX007. This one is the Bond version. The quality is amazing, nice strap material and hardware. The...

My beater

Seiko Field I typically wear this woodworking or projects around the house. I do love it.

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commented on The SARB033 ended my watch hobby ·

Beautiful watch. I can relate as I have been wearing my SKX007 almost non-stop since I bought it off Evil-bay.

commented on Show me your best dials… ·

I collect Seiko Dive watches and love the dials.

commented on What is the theme of your collection? ·

My collection is Seiko Dive watches even though I don’t dive. I just love the different designs and styles

commented on What’s Your Attainable Grail? ·

For me, it’s a Willard SLA051

commented on Do you swim with your watches? ·

Only my 200m rated ones will I swim with. I don’t dive but enjoy recreational swimming in the ocean and lakes. We do have a restored 1937 Old Town Canoe that we keep up in Wolfeboro NH and my divers are perfectly suited for that as well. Especially when flipping over.

commented on What is your go-to casual day watch? ·
commented on Do you measure your watches' accuracy? And if you do, by what means? ·

I’m new to collecting mechanical watches and initially started checking my daily watch against my iPhone. I do this with any new watch also. But I will check my daily wear watch once a week or so since I know my collection of Seiko divers are all within +/- 5-10 seconds per day with one exception. The one surprise is my least expensive SKX007 from 2017 is +/- 2 sec per day consistently. I check this one daily as I have been wearing it daily for a few weeks as it is my favorite. Blows my mind.


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Seiko divers

My daily favorite is the SKX007 of all my Seiko divers. It is my least expensive and more accurate over all my more expensive Seikos. It is typically...

On the wrist today

Wanted to wear an old classic that is also a favorite

There be Turtles in Maine

Traveling in Kennebunkport this weekend with my sweet wife. Seems like Maine has one more Turtle. A King Turtle no less.

My best travel watch

Traveling on business in Montreal this week. My favorite travel watch is the PADI edition King Turtle.

Happy Friday

Really enjoy the comfort of a Turtle on Fridays.

New SRPK01

Yesterday I stopped by my local jewelry shop that is a family owned business just to look at their watches. I prefer to buy from mom & pop busines...