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Casio mission

On a mission to collect all of Casio's Vintage MTP-1302PD-2A2VEF range and this is my latest purchase at just 拢40!

Marie Antonette's clock- one for history nerds

I was at Warwick Castle recently on holiday and noticed this exquisitely decorated clock. It belonged to Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI of France...

Gifts for the family from a watch nerd

My family were only going to expect one thing from me for Xmas - a watch! So this is what I got for the family this year, after months of research. My...

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commented on Casio mission

Cheers bro. Yeah, it's not a bad one.

commented on Citizen Tsuyosa Small Second

Oh wow, that's stunning.

commented on Casio mission

I totally agree. Brass is inferior and there's no excuse for Casio here. The watch will fade in a few years which is a shame. You can find mall watches that are cheaper using stainless steel. I wouldn't normally buy brass.

commented on Casio mission

Okay, I didn't even know that you could get these watches on a jubilee bracelet. That red, oh man, it'd beautiful. How much was it?

commented on Casio mission

Ah, bro, brilliant. You have some lovely ones there with dials that I have not seen before. Big fan of how that green pops. They might not have the best quality control and it's disappointing that they're not even stainless steel, but they're so fun that you can't be mad.

commented on New to watch collecting

That's a good varied and balanced collection man.

commented on raykay1's WRUW

It really is and it's so affordable that you can't really go wrong. Have a look at some of the other colours, too. This watch is most known for its Tiffany blue dial but this one's my personal favourite

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My first watch and the start of this hobby

This is my Citizen Calendier Eco Drive Rose Gold Chronograph. My first watch purchased about 3 years ago. I got this watch before I knew anything abou...

Timex Expedition love. Let's see your daily.

Wearing my reliable Timex Expedition for my errands and for some last minute Xmas shopping today. It's my favourite daily beater, even if I can hear i...

How do you display your watches?

I got bored of my watches being covered up and hidden away in watch boxes so decided to buy a glass display cabinet to put them all in. I also got wat...

Tiffany Blue Casio

Who needs Pateks Phillip Tiffany Blue Nautilus when Casio do it for less than 拢50!