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Willard Choc bar strap

Hello Crunchers. I have a Steeldive Capt. Willard homage and am looking for a Choc bar rubber strap for it to complete "the look". Do any of you know...

Am I allowed ?

Do the Watch crunch rules allow me to post watches for sale ??

Cestrian Customer Service

Hello all. I recently purchased a Cestrian Dive Series Hulk watch.. which is superb. When it arrived from Amazon, the box was damaged (hinge broken an...

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commented on Tough bezel?

Funnily enough, I have heard people say that Seiko's bzels are somewhat stiff or "spongey". They are when they're dry, but try using underwater .. they function superbly - as they were designed to do. Good choice of watch !

commented on What's a popular watch style that you just can't convince yourself to like?

Dress watches

commented on Rolex

By the time the watch arrives, the wallet would be knackered 馃槀馃ぃ

commented on HOMAGE's WRUW

He will love it, I bet it will be hard to give away !!!

commented on a post

Perfect NATO choice ... Vintage Bond 馃槏

commented on TOP 20 SWISS WATCH COMPANY RANKING (2024)

I'm sure no-one can buy a Rolex, so how are they top of sales .. ??? 馃槀馃ぃ

commented on Game: pick one watch that most represents each brand

Slots in ends of the case, no spring bars so only a one piece slip through strap will work.

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New arrival today and I'm over the moon ...

Seiko New Year !!

Happy new year to all. Enjoying my Seiko divers is my New Year's resolution...聽

My Samurai

This is an Xmas present from my other half. I have a few Seiko watches (and others) but this one is the absolute nuts !!聽