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Which would you pick?

A modern Ceramic Daytona 116500ln or a vintage double red sea dweller? And why


Today was the day I finally was able to buy myself my grail watch. The Rolex Daytona 116500ln. The piece is in excellent condition with some original...

White vs Black dial Daytona

What colour dial would you pick for the stainless steel Daytona?

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commented on anonymouswatchcollector's WRUW ·

Thanks for sharing the amazing AP pics @anonymouswatchcollector

commented on anonymouswatchcollector's WRUW ·

Wow, I love it 😎🤩

commented on anonymouswatchcollector's WRUW ·

That is en epic Daytona, it’s such a nice watch. I love the 2 tone with the black dial 📸🔥

commented on Thank you Audemars Piguet🇨🇭AD Singapore🇸🇬 ·

Wow, I love watch accessories. It looks like epic and it’s definitely cheaper to Collect than the watches 🤣

commented on Two Legends🖤💛🇨🇭🖤🤍 ·

That is the perfect 2 watch collection. Those 2 watches are just wow 🤩. The best of the best chronographs 📸

Such grails 🔥

commented on Watch_Addiction's WRUW ·

Thank you 🙏

commented on Watch_Addiction's WRUW ·

Thank you for the comment, it’s always a pleasure wearing it around. Always make the day extra special. You know it’s an amazing watch when it gives you a smile every time I wear it 🚀

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Mission to Moonshine Gold

I was finally able to get a moonshine gold moonswatch and couldn’t be better timing as this is the last Moonshine Gold Moonswatch ever going to be rel...

What would you pick out of these 3 dials?

Out of the solid gold Daytonas these 3 would be one of my favourites. If you had a choice What would you guys choose?

Just acquired mission to Neptune.

Just went into the swatch store and they had 1 mission to Neptune and I bought it. I was told they don’t get many neptunes in and if they do they sell...

Time Graphs, is it worth purchasing one?

Capturing the heartbeat of time with my Omega Speedmaster on the time graph. Every tick tells a story. 🌕📈📸#TimelessPrecision"

"Is the MoonSwatch truly out of this world or just another gimmick?

"Two watches, one heritage. The Speedmaster Professional, a legend in space exploration, stands side by side with the MoonSwatch, a modern tribute to...

#moonshine gold rubber strap on speedmaster

Recently acquired the Omega Moonshine Gold rubber strap and deployant clasp from the Omega boutique. I love the look for summer and is very comfortabl...