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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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James, for England. For England, Alec.

006 and 007

Incoming SKX - 90s two-tone-tastic

Bought a 38mm midsize SKX006. Anyone have any experience with one of these?

"Manufacture", "homage", "Uhrwerk", "ébauche": common words used to dress up basic things

Every time I hear certain French and German watch-related words uttered in English as if they have some special mystic significance I cringe. Especial...

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commented on How to pronounce it? ·

If you're going to pronounce the "Glashütte" as in German, then the "Original" should be pronounced germanically too.

Or just anglicise both.

commented on nichtvondiesemjahrhundert's WRUW ·

It's a great watch. I have the blue and silver versions too.

commented on HoffmannVintage's WRUW ·

Love the comprehensive description on the dial!Especially "vacuum tested" very cool and retro.

commented on IamFaisal's WRUW ·

Stunning! My suggestion would be to wear it for a week continuously. It's remarkable how your brain can adjust to a smaller size once you get used to it. I wear everything between 28 and 44mm.

commented on whitris's WRUW ·

Hi-beat beauty!

commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW ·

A perfect encapsulation of 70s watch aesthetics!

commented on Bremont in the Financial Times. It's bleaker than we thought. ·

It seems like reinventing the wheel, when you can buy superb and competitively priced wheels from Switzerland, wasn't the best business strategy.

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Who sold more quartz wristwatches in 1970, the first year of the "quartz crisis"?

248 votes ·

Debunking the Quartz Crisis

Interesting article which argues that the economic effects of the "Nixon Shock", caused by ending the convertibility of the dollar to gold, were at le...

Funniest H. Moser watch

Which of Moser's many prank watches tickles you the most?
90 votes ·

NWA Skeleton G-Shock

GA-2140RX-7AER Clear Remix

NWA Turtle w/blue whale dial

An offer I couldn't refuse. Somewhat unusual for me, the fan of 34mm dress watches. Absolutely delighted with it. Seiko know how to make a dial.