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One of the little known watch content YouTube channels that is lots of fun

I've come across this YouTube channel that has watch related content . This guy is both funny and unique . He doesnt have many followers which is a pi...

Which Longines Big Eye ?

This is abviously a great chronoghraph . Which version do you guys prefer ? Stainless steel black dial ,or the Titanium Petroleum Blue dial ?
296 votes

Which Tudor would solve that Submariner itch for you ? until you actually get one lol

Many aspire to own a Rolex Submariner at one point of our long watch collecting journeys. We tend to collect Tudors on the way . Which of these three Tudor options might resolve that yearning for the...
411 votes

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commented on nartlambaz's WRUW

I always mention that this SNR043 has a bezel insert from the SNR031 . This mod uses genuine Seiko LX parts and is a joy to have on your wrist .

commented on Impulse buy鈥

Love the Longines Ultra Chron in the back

commented on Flip my Datejust 1603 for a Blue OP 116000?

Omega Aqua Terra

commented on Help me with my first luxury purchase please!

Tudor have so many great offerings . The Pelagos 39 , The Black Bay 54 , The Black Bay 58 GMT , The Black Bay monochrome , The Pelagos FXD , the Black Bay Ceramic , The Black Bay Bronze , The Black Bay silver . I own two Omega watches , and three Tudor watches , both brands are amazing to be honest . Choosing the watch must be after having it on your wrist first , and getting a feeling for how it looks ,and what you feel having it on .

commented on SBGH315 - Ginza -Look at it!

Looks like a pool's tiles. I love it

commented on Which side are you taking?

If it was one brand for life , I go with Omega . Better movement, many more options , high specifications, more materials , less flashy .

commented on Tudor Monochrome or Rolex Submariner?

With COSC and METAS certification , I think this monochrome BB is a great deal . I am considering it as an option that would replace the Submariner in my future additions to my collection . It looks great , it's of very high quality , and the vintage looks give it an edge .

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Do you see what I'm seeing ?

I'm claiming the new nickname for this 2024 Rolex Deep Sea Solid Gold , I call it the Smurfette

The grail watch killer !

I've always had the Rolex Submariner in my wishlist , today I think this 2024 Tudor monochrome Black Bay release changed that for me . Rolex is aiming...

Longines Big Eye

My son was posing for the camera with a mustache he got from a toy shop . After taking this photo in particular , I thought this one resembled the Lon...

Perfect all Tudor 3 watch collection ?

This is my personal Tudor collection . Tell me which Tudor watch you like most .
295 votes

Captain Willard says :

Since the US Navy Tudor Pelagos was released , I thought this Seiko has to be the real deal . The Seiko Captain Willard . I used a similar one pass na...