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Q: How did you get into watch collecting?

it was a fascination since my childhood

Q: What was the first watch you ever owned?

a digital Citizen watch

Q: Do you have a watch with a particularly interesting story behind it?

at a time when I stopped wearing watches because I had a cell phone on me , a girlfriend told me a man must have one on . That resonated and reignited my passion for them . Back then I purchased a fashion brand watch from CK which looked amazing to be honest . I didn't know much about watches at the time,but was proud of it. What I didn't know was the water resistance,after jumping into a pool, I messed it up . Ever since I always choose the watch I have in according to the occasion .

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for someone just getting into watches?

Buy what you think you will wear . Buy what you like . Don;t buy to invest . Always have a budget and never exceed it .

Q: What brands have been getting your attention lately?

Tudor, Tag Heuer , Omega , Baume and Mercier , Seiko , Grand Seiko , Longines

Q: What is your grail watch and why?

mmmm i have a few : Omega Speedmaster . Rolex No Date Submariner , AP Royal Oak in stainless steel and blue dial . Vacheron Constantin Overseas in stainless steel and blue dial . Patek Philippe Nautilus in stainless steel and blue dial .