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The 34/36mm Mental Battle

I fought with this question for years, is 34 or 36mm too small for my 7.25 inch wrist. The short answer is No, but it took me years to finally become...

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commented on funkflex1's WRUW

I see you have the same model? What year is yours?

commented on Adi365's WRUW

What I love most about this dial is the black minute/hour markers. They pop so hard against the Tiffany blue, it makes the dial explode. Very jealous, nice ass watch brother.

commented on My wife鈥檚 new addition.

I鈥檝e got the previous, discontinued model with a White Grape Dial. Love the watch and looks amazing on your wife! I would be trying to find any excuse to wear that beautiful pink OP, she is a lucky woman!

commented on mannyb65's WRUW

Mine is a 2008 (M serial) Bought it pre-owned from a jeweler in NY in 2021. Looks amazing on you!

commented on mannyb65's WRUW

I have the same model, what year is it? Hands down the most versatile GMT Rolex has ever made. Literally goes with anything you wear鈥xcept a tux.

commented on What鈥檚 your coffee for this wonderful Sunday morning?

I am very simple when it comes to coffee. I like a light roast, with sugar and powder creamer. Been drinking it this way for 30 years.

commented on funkflex1's WRUW

I too appreciate 36mm, that wasn鈥檛 the case when I was younger. I was worried about it looking like a ladies watch. I was stupid, young and dumb. 36mm looks amazing on any man, thanks for the compliment!

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GMT Master II Freshly Serviced from RSC

Turned it in for service on 4 Dec 23, got it back today. It鈥檚 a 2008 (M Serial) and has never been serviced before. Had a complete overhaul, new cryst...