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Did hate it but...

Now I'm loving it. Could not get on with it at first. I was upset I should have gone for the black dial or just bought the OG green Alpinist. But now...

Hell No? Or Hello?

Swatch is cool when they have fun. For 59 mins your life is hell 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ Another drawer find. More battery action coming up

Casio Film Watch

Bought this in Carnaby Street the day it was released. I think with age, it's even cooler. Deserves to be out the drawer and on the wrist. Casio can b...

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commented on Did hate it but...

I'm breaking in the blue Seiko one first, definitely will put it on a tobacco coloured one and I'm looking for Steel bracelet. Something blingy to go against it's tool values.

commented on Did hate it but...

What about the watch?

commented on Did hate it but...

I like hanging out

commented on Did hate it but...

Lol. I sorted it when I saw it

commented on Lusted over this for so long

Grand Seiko is the goal for me. One day. Well done my friend

commented on Just for fun.

Wow. Love it. Keep that passion going.

commented on Oh No No, Dr.No

I presume the perfume, creams and general disregard for a cinematic legend, did the strap in. I changed the battery but still not ticking over, so I reckon something more fatal to the mechanism.

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A lover of Swatch?

Swatch Ugo: 35th Anniversary SUOZ281S Limited Edition. Only 3535 produced. Bought in 2018. Corr blimey I'm old. Oooh I must be lucky. Another drawer f...

A trip to the Orient?

Another drawer find 馃ぃ For me, I bought this years ago, only because I thought you had to own an Orient to be a true watch person. I do like the cool...

Play Boy?

Paladone Nintendo Gameboy鈩 Digital Watch - Official Super Mario Land鈩 Alarm Sound & Built-in LED Another one from the drawer of disrepair 馃ぃ馃槑 Nee...

Braun BN0106BKBT

Loved this watch when I bought it over 18 years ago. Didn't replace the battery, left in the drawer and left it and left it. The apple watch made this...

Just for fun.

Loads of images of me trying to be a photographer., I'll post more just to show off 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ Seriously though, instead of a watch as your next purch...

From Russia with Love

Love this quirky timepiece. Different, funky and you get so much for your Dosh. I paid 拢45!!! I put a lovely NATO (the irony )strap on, their bracelet...