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What is the best automatic watch for tech jobs?

Currently working a lot with computers at work and I’m just wondering what are some automatic watches of your choice that are suitable for tech jobs....

土 has many meanings, Saturday in Japanese kanji and the earth/ground in Chinese and Japanese characters. On this day where sadness and sorrow follows, it’s important for us to remain grounded and treasure the moments we have shared with our loved ones.

Candee has been with me for 15 years of my life. As the first family dog she is appreciated by many guests, even by those who are scared of dogs. Her...

Which is your favourite Seiko prospex shape/ model and why?

I love the Seiko prospex and have a solar diver and monster, thinking of getting a samurai soon as well! I personally love the monster, the chunkiness appeals to me the most
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commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

Oh I haven’t, I’ll check them out

commented on Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926 ·

They’re around the same price range actually! I think the Tudor is the better choice as well

commented on HEY WATCHFAM IM BACK ·

Yes 🫡

commented on elguapothe1's WRUW ·

Definitely man 💯

commented on alexang's WRUW ·

Still having my BMT haha

commented on alexang's WRUW ·

Idk if they still use Hamilton, but I hope they do

commented on TheWhorologist's WRUW ·

My collection philosophy is purely milestone watches lol

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Glycine combat sub vs squale 20 Atmos

Can’t decide which is the best bang for your buck 🤔
304 votes ·

New Seiko monster👹

Monster mash! Got this JDM from the gotemba outlets in Japan

Rolex 6694 vs Tudor 1926

Can’t decide if I should go for a vintage Rolex or a brand new Tudor 1926. I’m certain that the Tudor fits as I will get a 41mm due to my large 9 inch wrist, but I’m afraid that the Rolex will be too...
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I’ve been absent due to my enlistment in the military but I have a little bit more time in my hands lately as I have fallen ill. I want to share about...

Relics from the old world

Hey Crunchers, today I’m at the newly opened Hong Kong Palace Museum for some sightseeing during my short vacation. I’ve seen some very interesting ti...