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commented on Citizen Tsuyosa ·

What about the bracelet? Despite the overwhelmingly positive YouTube reviews I’ve heard of people being disappointed with the build quality.

commented on My first chinese homage watch ·

Me personally, I put these in the category of replica, since they very closely replicate another watch. Sure it’s not 1:1 but it’s still a bit silly to call it a ‘homage’ as if they were “inspired” by the black bay pro and not just copied it entirely.

commented on My first chinese homage watch ·

Always funny when people call watches like this ‘homages’

commented on 2023 balance ·

A man of good taste!

commented on NWA #5: Finally released from US Custom’s prision! ·

2 weeks? I once had a casioak stuck at customs for 2 months!

Lovely watch, enjoy it!

commented on Watches from Tissot ·

Hadn’t seen one before but looks really nice!

commented on Is the popularity of a watch a turn off? ·

It depends, I think. Is the popularity of the speedmaster a turn of for me? No. Is it a turn of for say the PRX? Yeah a little bit. I think it’s not so much popularity as popularity from hype without history that is the issue.