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Laco vs. Stowa

Hi, I'm looking for some feedback if anyone has good info. I'm looking for a classic pilot watch. For my budget it's between Laco and Stowa. I like th...

Too big?

Hi, looking for some feedback because I鈥檓 trying to experiment with a larger watch size than typical for me. This is the new Citizen Garrison at 42mm...

Yay or nay?

Hi. I鈥檓 trying out a cheap mesh strap on my intra-Matic for summer wear before I get a more expensive one for a more relaxed feel. What are people鈥檚 thoughts? No good or good?
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commented on timepiece.pete's WRUW

Don鈥檛 see too many Air Kings. Beautiful.

commented on Need recommendations for a GMT

If you want a pure tool watch that sticks closer to the 2k mark, take a look at Sinn. If that鈥檚 too utilitarian, the Longines Zulu is also a good option.

commented on What is your grail watch鈥檚 biggest flaw?

What鈥檚 the logic? If you can spend this much on a watch you don鈥檛 need to know exact time lol?

commented on Laco vs. Stowa

Thanks everyone for all the feedback and the history about Fliegers I learned. I will think about it. Sounds like they鈥檙e both good watches.

commented on Date VS No Date

It honestly just matters if he wants a date or not. On a watch that expensive, for me I鈥檇 want to have it be a daily, and on a daily I鈥檇 want a date.

commented on CW Dune

I don鈥檛 know why they don鈥檛 outline the hands on watches like this on black like the Seiko SNK white dial.

commented on NWA x3 !!!

Love that Traska.

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Doxa 200 Lume

Just in case anyone doubts the Sub 200 lume. This is via light from the hallway. The hour markers are much dimmer irl, but I can see the hour and minu...

SOTC - First Attempt

Hi all, thanks for reading. This is my first attempt at a state of the collection. Been through a lot of pieces since I got into this hobby in 2019. I...

What鈥檚 you most accurate non-COSC watch?

Hi. I鈥檓 wondering what kind of accuracy people have found in their non-COSC or 鈥渆ntry level鈥 pieces. Hamilton used to impress me with the Khaki field鈥...