The joy of reading a watch magazine.. Thanks Christopher Ward!

In the era of digitization, where one can simply get their daily scoop at the flick of a swipe, it came as a surprise that #christopherward still issues a dedicated watch magazine with interesting articles!

There鈥檚 a joy in holding a magazine and lying down on your sofa and turning pages. I would say that the content is evenly distributed between feature stories and their watch catalog. However, the quality of the magazine, the photography, and the variety of topics is worth noting. Also this is my first Loupe magazine issue so that鈥檚 why I鈥檓 even more excited!

Watchcrunchers - let me know your thoughts about reading magazines in the era of digitization. Also if there are other dedicated watch magazines that you would like to recommend.


Love sitting down and thumbing through a watch magazine. If you join HSNY, they have some subscriptions to mags like Europa Star and Hodinkee that you get for free with your membership.

Oh I totally agree man. I鈥檝e been getting The Loupe for a couple years now. I rlly wish other brands did the same. Like Brew. Always fun for a coffee table mag. 馃嵒

Couldn鈥檛 agree more! I鈥檓 not a fan of multitasking, and digital magazine experiences are full of distractions like ads or notifications from other apps. Paper media allow me to focus on one thing at a time. And Loupe is a great product! I鈥檓 looking forward to getting the next edition soon.

Vol. 28 spring 23 - Vol. 32 spring 24.


My growing number of Europa Star magazines due to subscription. Truly enjoying the read during coffee and travel 鉁岋笍


The Loupe magazine is fab to sit down a read鈥.. I also get Watchpro delivered on a regular basis which is also a fabulous read.


not only is it my favorite magazine but I keep them in a pile to be easily accessed, its fun to get one in the mail every now and then keep it up!!!

Well said, love reading mine with a nice. Cup o coffee 馃挋

Love a dedicated watch magazine, specially when it's free, lol! My newer copies of Loupe sit on the coffee table until the time they go into the library for archiving. 馃槉 Watchonista is another free watch magazine that I enjoy, but has been challenging to acquire on a few occasions because I don't live close enough to visit the ADs where some issues are available to pick up...