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6.50” / 16.51 cm Wrist
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What's your Wrist Size?

I just read a post where the average male wrist size was quoted as being 18cm / 7inches. Of course there's a lot behind such a statistic, but I thought it might be interesting to see whether all that...
556 votes ·

GMT: More fun outside of Greenwich!?

It struck me today that those who live outside of the UK, may find GMTs more interesting than those residing on the British isles because it shows a s...

Witching hour:Timex stops working in the depths of night..

I won a Timex Expedition [TW2V07100] on ebay a couple of weeks ago. I popped a new battery in it, the indiglo works well and it keeps reasonable time....

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commented on My Speedmaster box, Completed( for now) 😎 ·

When your collection is better than the AD!?

Congrats Jeff!

commented on Luxury Watches: What am I missing? ·

Tissot isn’t going to be much different to CW in terms of quality. But there may be a little subconscious confirmation bias at play in the Omega critique.. their movements are clearly leagues above CW.

commented on Brands for small wrists (around 35mm)? ·

For smaller wrists I’ve found:

GS 39mm and below cases are great.

Seiko divers have very short lug-to-lugs.

Vintage Zenith and Omega are great value.

34mm dress cases often wear larger because their bezels are small and their dials are large so fit really well on small wrists.

I wasn’t ready for how well proportioned the GS cases are. This is a 39mm on a 6.5” wrist.

commented on What's your Wrist Size? ·

It’s difficult to reference these Cal89s. There were so many subtle variants. These guys put a great article together on the different variations: https://goldammer.me/blogs/articles/dress-watch-iwc89

commented on Thoughts on the moonswatch yes or no ? ·

I had one, it was surprisingly fun, but it is a bit fragile and more of a toy/novelty. I couldn’t wear it as a daily for fear of something breaking.

If you don’t have one, but a gshock instead.

commented on Got a macro lens today ·

For a cheap option, macro rings work pretty well. They just attach between the lens and camera body, letting you focus closer up to the subject.

commented on If you could only wear only one watch for the rest of your life what would you pick? ·

There’s not a lot this thing can’t do. It’s not a dress watch but I’m not that dressy a person.


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…I can tell the time in the reflection! (I don’t really like shiny, but this is impressive - especially when you consider the dial is gloss black!)

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