Mission to the Moonphase

Having previously purchased a Mission to the Moon, and found it terribly plasticy, I'd vowed never to buy another one..

However(!) two important things subsequently happened which led me to break that vow.

The first was that my infant son grew eyebrows and whisps of hair which look exactly like Charlie Brown, and our small white dog with dark floppy ears decided to be his loyal sidekick.

Secondly, Swatch launched the Mission to the Moonphase โ€œ New Moonโ€ - complete with a Snoopy or two!


Nestled somewhere between airport security, and passport control at Berlin Brandenburg Airport is a modest little Swatch Boutique. Travelling to Berlin on business quite frequently, I'll often stop by to kill some time and see what they have in stock. To my surprise, this week, they had both Mission to Moonphases in stock.

So you see, your Honour, I never had a choice..

Nice touches:

  • Obvious Snoopy chilling in a moonphase at 2.

  • Black lume - it dies after about 10 seconds, but it's better than nothing - which I'd originally assumed.

  • Hidden text and stars on the moonphase, only visible with UV light.

  • The 29 1/2 day Moonphase instead of the weird 1/10th of a second chronograph.

  • Fun caseback text: "Dream Big, Fly Higher, Explore the Universe, Reach for the Planets, Enjoy the Mission." Which resonates when I think about my son and what his future may bring.


  • It is still very fragile feeling

  • The chrono alignment is bad

  • The strap is an absolute waste of sweaty plastic and velcro.

On the whole, it's a fun little toy that reminds me of my son, and I can throw it on when a Rolex isn't appropriate.


Iโ€™m maybe loving the story more than the swatch


Iโ€™m maybe loving the story more than the swatch

I think Iโ€™m the same Nigel! Thereโ€™s definitely some meaning and sentiment behind this one.