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Zimingzhong Collection - London Science Museum

If you haven't checked this out while it's here (I think it's for a limited time), then make sure you do! It's a very impressive collection.

The Grand Seiko bracelet dilemma

We all know how much of a pain it is that Grand Seiko doesn't have a micro adjustment on their bracelets. So I just want to offer some hope! I cannot...

Possibly the grail, who knows!

A present to myself and possibly the last watch I'll buy for a while now! But it had to be done, look at that green! 馃挌 Fully blaming @norrecc for bri...

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commented on Tudor QC 馃槼馃く

Big fan of the determination 馃挭馃徎馃ぃ

commented on I bought a watch without lume!

Love it! Who needs lume when zaratsu polishing glistens like it does?! 馃槏

commented on Tudor QC 馃槼馃く

You've learned your lesson about criticising the King's nephew huh?! 馃ぃ It's turned quite Facebooky quite quickly! 馃槄 It's clearly visible to you, by eye, and now you can't unsee it. So yeah, make them get them all out the safe and buy one you're happy with (if there is one) because it's a sh1t load of money!

commented on SOTC June 2024

Do the SBGX261! 馃ぃ to be fair, you don't have anything like it ... just sayin'! Or go non GADA amd get a dress watch 鈱氾笍

commented on Newest Grand Seiko with mind blowing dial


commented on It's midweek, anyone else drinking?

All days that end in a 'y' 馃嵒馃嵎

commented on That "Guilty" Feeling

Gift them to loved ones so you still see them but on their wrists, they appreciate them, and you get the warm fuzzy feeling of being nice 鈽猴笍

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Oh Grand Seiko, please make things easier 馃槄

Look at the size of those TINY link screws! And you know what, there's one on each side, AND a pin! It's so hard not to scratch that lovely zaratsu po...

Furlan Marri style watch box

I see Hodinkee now sell Furlan Marri style watch boxes, albeit for 拢220...! Has anyone else found somewhere selling these? I expected AliExpress to be...