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Watch Tourism in London

Heading to London and Edinburgh next month. Any recommendations for a watch lover to check out there?

Watchdives 1680V - Vintage Sub Homage Review

For only my second watch purchase as a beginning collector, I wanted some kind of vintage submariner style watch. I am on a budget, but fortunately th...

Watchdives 1680V

4.4 Avg. Score

Nodus Dive GMT

New member here with my first post, and my first "real" watch purchase. Upgrading from a $25 Timex Easy Reader kind of guy. I decided on the $500 Nodu...

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commented on No time to dive lol ยท

Love it. This one is the 1680V, had to go AliExpress because watchdives was out of stock on this particular style. A steal at $85.

commented on No time to dive lol ยท

Watchdives is on a roll these days. I love my version, the milsub homage

commented on Blue watch Monday ยท

How does it feel, to treat me like you do....

commented on Are You Abstaining From Wearing Russian Watches? ยท

Under present circumstances, I would not purchase a Russian watch. Seems like a sanctions violation, and Russia well deserves the sanctions.

commented on Photography Friday ๐ŸŽž๏ธ ยท

Picking an outfit...



commented on Calling all Lovers of the Timex Easy Reader! ยท

Very light and comfortable beater watch.

commented on More of my London trip (long post: TLDR) ยท

Great post, good tips for my trip there next month!