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Next Watch Help

Looking for some help and opinions from the WC community for what watch to buy next. My budget would be < $3000. Here is my current collection, min...

Analog Shift Experience?

I was curious if anyone here has any experience with Analog Shift? Buying or selling. I have a watch I鈥檓 considering selling but can鈥檛 find too much o...

Multiple Watches From Same Brand

What鈥檚 your opinion on owning multiple watches from the same brand? I know it鈥檚 common, especially from browsing WC. Many people have collections fill...

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Watch_This commented on Dallen's WRUW

I do like the grey on this. However I think black with the white stripe would add a nice contrast to the white indices on the dial and bezel.

Watch_This commented on Dallen's WRUW

The strap fits the watch really well. And perfect use as a bed side clock

Watch_This commented on stevey2023's WRUW

Hope you don鈥檛 get a ticket!

Watch_This commented on Hellothere's WRUW

This is super cool!

Watch_This commented on RocketTime's WRUW

Did it survive a trip to the sink?

Watch_This commented on Adi365's WRUW

I agree, it is a watch. But for me personally I don鈥檛 count it as part of my watch collection. It goes with my tech.

Watch_This commented on a post

That鈥檚 crazy good lume! Have heard really great things about Islander watches.

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G-SHOCK GBD200 Worth It?

I鈥檝e been looking at the GBD200. Is it worth it to get one if I already have an Apple Watch? My main draw to getting one of these is I鈥檇 wear it in si...

Cleaning Your Watches

How do ya'll go about cleaning your watches? I've seen around most forums and videos where people say to use a soft brush with a mild soap and run it under water. I feel that's fine for any watch with...
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Hello All

Hello All! Just joined Watch Crunch today. Recently getting myself back into collecting after a few years. Here鈥檚 my collection. Just added the Baltic...

Just added to the collection

Added this to the collection earlier this week. My first Baltic and my first GMT. I have been eyeing Baltic for a little while now. I met some of the...