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Looking for a Quartz Chronograph with 12 hrs Totalizer (Counter)

Any suggestion ? I only found a few since most chronograph have 60 minutes totalizer. In regards to size 39mm to 42mm but I have to be able to see the...

Alpina Chrono (AL-373BS4E6B) Anyone has this watch ?

As we all know, it is difficult to buy watches on the internet but sometimes it is impossible to see them locally. I am looking at this chrono which h...

Microbrand Shows - Where/When is the next good one ?

The title says it all.

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commented on First Restoration Project

You can get a movement on Ebay.

commented on Awesome Impulse Purchase

Very Cool ! Not familiar with TSAO watches. What do they use as a movement ?

commented on First Restoration Project

I received the watch below from a wife a long time ago. It stopped working so 2 years ago, I opened it and I found that the battery was held with a piece of tape like you described. I bought a new movement and replaced it. It did have a few scratch on the "glass" that I removed with Polywatch. This is what it looks like today.

I propose that you just replace the movement in the watch that you have since it will not be a big expense.

PS. You badge says COLA WATCHES. Is there watches with cola logos ?

commented on The Amazing Travel Duo

I use the same combination for traveling but I travel with 3 watches.

The GShock M5610 is always there, Tudor BB58 or Pro and a dress watch.

commented on When watch collecting meets Instagram photo editing trends from 2011 馃槀

I buy watches with steel bracelets all the time if the model is offered with that option. It is much cheaper to buy straps after you bought the watch than trying to buy the steel bracelet that fits the watch you bought.

commented on Urban Legend or True Story??

I was at the AD about 1 month ago and someone was asking about this Breitling. I was not paying much attention to the conversation until the man said that this watch had a built-in ELT. The AD said that the watch was discontinued.

Having a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) as you described it is a cool idea but having something that broadcast on 121.5 as an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) is not a good idea. ELT are installed in aircrafts and automatically starts broadcasting on impact.

121.5Mhz is monitored by the Military, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Air Traffic Control. The reception of an ELT signal at an air traffic control center generates a general alarm to indicate that a commercial aircraft has crashed. The military will contacts the Air Traffic Control to check on the disappearance of an aircraft from radar and also the aircraft type. SAR will get ready to launch planes to locate the beacon. Ambulance service in the general area will also get notified for them to get ready. So it sets the big machine in motion so I could see him being fined and also have to pay for the expenses of SAR.

Occasionally, an ELT can be activated by accident when an aircraft undergoes maintenance at an airport but in that case they know the location is an airport and they will call and ask them what is going on. A ground team will be dispatched to find in the hangar with the ELT broadcast.

commented on Any alternatives?

I have this one which is really close to what you want to get. You may not want the Rolex if you get this one.


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Curved watch case side - Who else makes them ?

All the watches that I have slabs on each side of the case. Curved sides would be interesting but the one in the video is a little pricey. Who makes w...

Any one have information on this one ?

Solid silver

Tudor Prices going up on January 1, 2024

Got an email from the AD this morning telling me that the prices are going up on January 1rst. This happened on the same date last year.

Seiko: 2023 Shippo enamel production process (Not Grand Seiko)

Very impressive process. The dial is used in this Seiko Presage watch : SPB399J1 The dial reminds...

Apple Iphone Timegrapher app

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Frederique constant vitality watches

Does anyone here have one of these watches ? What has been your experience with it ? How about the software ? Thanks in advance for your feedback.