Mechanical powered lume

Idk I just wanted to share how cool this is

"The new Elux LAB-ID is able to transform the mechanical energy stored into the barrels in luminosity to light up the dial indexes, the hands and the bezel."

It's spring drive for lume!

This is pretty neat, thanks for the share!

49mm. AUD 163k. 馃う馃徎

So it's just a mini dynamo like we had on bikes as a kid.

Innovation for the sake of it !!

The one flaw is, why then make it just be the same old green?

Oooh! Very expensive but I like to see new innovations, especially given Panerai's history with lume going back to the radiomir etc.

Woah. Very cool #panerai! Anything for more #lume lol

Very cool idea.

I will borrow Stallone鈥檚

So mechanical indigo? 馃槀

Very cool nonetheless.

Love the look of this

It's nice to see panerai doing more innovative things

What will they invent next? A dial that takes in energy from sunlight and then uses that energy to charge up a battery which can then provide power to an LED light?

Oh wait a minute.. 馃

That is awesome. So is the price. Awesome, as a school bus sized great white is awesome.

What manner of sorcery is this?!

I do love a gadget 馃榿

It's always amazing to see the technological advances in horology. I've never own a Panerai, but after seeing what this beauty does, it makes me desire the brand even more!

I鈥檝e been critical of Panerai - basically, why are they stuck on the same two basic case shapes of their models? Why not innovate and make new stuff?

But this? This is awesome. Standard caveats - I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l never see it IRL, certainly could never afford it, it鈥檚 ginormous, and it of course will never actually get used for diving - but who cares? The effort and innovation in this is amazing. Well done.

Very cool tech!

Nice tech but almost 50mm in diameter and thick like a brick, no thanks. Make it 40-41mm, 11-12mm tall then I'll be interested. No wonder Sly lost interest in Panerai.