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Do you have black belt Ninja watch skillls?

Guess the watch from the lume only. NO looking at past photos, you will only be cheating yourself and letting others down! No! This is not a detective...

Let鈥檚 see all the moonphases!

One day to go for a full moon so they should all be in rotation. This is the period in the month when you try and justify why you have one, so let鈥檚 h...

I鈥檓 looking for a new summer watch, ideas pls

I鈥檓 looking for a diver with a white bezel and a white rubber strap. I like the Omega Tokyo however are there any alternatives with a similar design?...

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commented on It鈥檚 really worth buying the Farer moonphase micro brand watch over other recognized brands in this price category.

I love mine

commented on Affordable Alternative to the Aqua Terra?

Sam Martin, stunning finishing on these and you have a pick of coulour NH35 inside so not likely to give any issues.

commented on What's the best lume you ever seen in a watch?

Best lume is on one of my cheapest watches. Divex special edition for each of our Diving Vessels. This is the Seaway Falcon 500mtr our logo is a 7. The lume strap is part of my summer watch project, just waiting for a Wize Hitman full lume watch to pair with the strap for a lumaholic summer watch 馃榿

commented on Timex x The James Brand (Holy Hell)

Love this, Timex stepping things up a notch. I think they have smashed it out of the park with this one, great specs.

commented on New NATO color as a tribute to Petronas F1 team

Ahhh, I鈥檓 having a blonde movement, no idea why I didn鈥檛 see that, I was looking at the sewn in keeper 馃う

commented on New NATO color as a tribute to Petronas F1 team

It鈥檚 not mine, just making an observation and will look at my NOTOs tonight haha but I鈥檓 sure mine look like this. Can you post a picture of the difference pls

commented on New NATO color as a tribute to Petronas F1 team

There is a sewn in buckle, now I鈥檓 having to think how NATO鈥檚 are made 馃

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50 phantoms

I鈥檓 not sure it passed the legibility test but my 8 year old loves it. It lives in his watch box, it will be a while before it fits him but a great th...

London trip part 2 - London clock and watch live event

Morning Crunchers! So who is in the queue this morning ???? Already growing and around the block

London Part 1

Royal Observatory in Greenwich to see possibly the most important time pieces ever made, the Harrison clocks. The case for H4 is off for restoration

Who is dropping this kind of cash on this?

I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 just me, or is it?? But this is a serious reach for me. 拢5,700 is a lot to drop on a posh Gshock, is it just me or is this the new norma...

Got the call for the Rolex AD!

So been 2 years and I got the call 2 days ago but turned it down. I got fed up waiting so picked up the below last year as a small premium. My origina...

Help wanted, needing something light

I鈥檓 needing some advice for a friend. He is 67, active and normally wears Rolex Sea dweller however the back of his hand is very sore so looking for a...