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Sunday Vibes

Very underrated watch. So much Seiko DNA. My everyday 🙌
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Strap Monster

This watch just gets better and better...
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What am I missing? Dress, diver or Chrono… what is the Foursome collection?

Casio CBD200 - Beater Seiko SRPE61 - Everyday Hamilton Khaki Mechanical - Casual
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Sooo good… I’ve flipped over dozen Seikos. This is the one 😂

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Grey is the new silver, and it suits metal straps mostly. 

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It was my very first watch also... How cool were those buttons and the light!!

Grail would be Vacheron Constantin

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I have recently reduced my collection to just three. What’s the point if you don’t wear them? Fashion has become way more casual plus what’s your carbon footprint Or impact on having too many?

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My Essential 3

Dress, Casual & Sport. All I need... maybe a Chrono!? 😂
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Looking for an everyday carry. Which one?

Torn on these two watches. Heart is on the romance of the mechanical, but head tells me date/auto. I work from home and my dress standard when meeting...
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From Russia With Love

For the very rare, on-point, special occasion: 38mm 18mm lugs 10mm thickness Hand-winding
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Going Commando

The classic NDC strap with one of my casual watches.
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SNKL41 - "my everyday"

Congrats on this new forum for watch enthusiasts! Thrilled to be part of the journey. Perhaps my favourite watch. Traditional size at 36mm. Super comf...
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