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SOTC 2023: Happy New Year!

Here's the content that nobody asked for: my SOTC 2023! A horological virgin, I really only got into this hobby in March of this year, and I may have...

Timex Q Falcon Eye on Sale

I've been looking to add more Timex into the collection and the Falcon Eye gets my collector senses tingling, or I might need to see a doctor. It just...

Watchmaking by George Daniels

In case anyone's interested, Watchmaking by George Daniels is on sale at Amazon. It looks like a lot of books are in general. https://a.co/d/dlXt1Kv

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commented on TimeOnTarget's WRUW

I was looking at a few wandering hours by Xeric when I found this . It looks like there were more than enough made after the Kickstarter ended.


commented on Wristy 365


commented on Choose the color

I'm a fan of the brand, I like how they do things differently but still in a fairly intuitive way. I would take a chance on the meteorite, it may end up being lighter than the online pictures. Each meteorite dial is going to be unique. Maybe @watchismolabs has some insight?

commented on CW x New York City!!!!

Email sent!

commented on vikasb's WRUW

My preference is blue, especially with the red running seconds hand. Both look great!

commented on Dev9000's WRUW

Congrats on the job!

commented on CrunchTrek - Week 5 - And The Horse You Rode In On

Go Novaform! @Salty1 @RelativeTime

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Late April Fool's?

I thought it was a joke at first but it's real . I have nothing against either company, I just think it's a strange collaboration.

NWA: Q1 2024

New additions so far this year! A mix from Jomashop, Amazon, the electronic Bay, Kickstarter, and brand sites. Timex x Keone Nunes, a Hawaiian tattoo...

Other Zelos Mako GMT?

Zelos released more Mako GMTs today, but I noticed another picture of a GMT that I haven't seen before. It only shows up when you look at "All Watches...

Zelos Mako GMT

Zelos decided to relaunch their Mako GMT! They release on March 18th at 11pm Singapore time. I think the Meteorite blue or Vintage Black is the most a...

AD Experience

I went to a jeweller for non-watch related business, got the golden treatment. The associate was very attentive and pleasant, as though I was the only...

Ah, DST: A Collector's Problem

I don't mind moving an hour ahead. It makes me feel fortunate to be able to have such a great collection. It's insane, but I enjoy the time with each...