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Is it just me?

This Islander ISL-84 is one of my favorite beaters. It is inexpensive, rugged, and easy to read. Thanks to the second hand, it also looks great on an...

Which Strap for IndyCar

It’s almost May! In Indianapolis, that means IndyCar. I ordered these two straps from CNS Watch Bands. I like them both and may have to split time with one getting the Prix and one getting the Indy 50...
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To The Moon!

Growing up in Houston during the 60s, I have always been a space enthusiast. I remember watching the Apollo XI mission from a lunar module made of car...

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commented on Alpinist GMT: Leather or Bracelet? ·

The Alpinist looks great no matter how you wear it. I love my SPB121 on leather straps, and green suede is my favorite. Wear what you like and you can't go wrong!

commented on ericwn's WRUW ·

Make sure you post pictures!

commented on ericwn's WRUW ·

Nice! What model are you waiting on? I have a Magnolia pre-order in but I haven’t heard about actual shipping dates. Waiting is hard!!! 😀

commented on Budget watch sound off! ·

Everyone needs a watch in company colors. Luckily, Timex provided!

commented on What do you think about this tag? ·

Looks like an angry spider monkey!

commented on Total_REK's WRUW ·

…and some people call me Maurice!

commented on Total_REK's WRUW ·

I like to keep my head cool, my chin warm, and being on time! 😀🏎️💨🏁

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Houston recommendations

I’m traveling to Houston this week to see family. Any Crunchers have good recommendations for watch shops, vintage or otherwise?

I Think I'm Winning

My wife has never indicated any interest in watches, so when I sheepishly told her I was buying a new watch, I was shocked at her response, "Good, I b...

Now I Need a New Suit

I've been looking at Jack Mason watches for a long time. When they released the new Ellum, I knew that I needed to find an excuse to buy one, even tho...

Kickstarter, anyone?

I backed my first Kickstarter campaign. It will be interest to see how this works. I figured if the watch isn’t what I am expecting, it will make an i...

Strap obsession

I really like the Miltat bracelet from StrapCode and the Strapsco Sailcloth band on my Seiko King Turtle. However, I saw this distressed leather NATO...

Alpinist Strap

My lovely wife further enabled my watch obsession with a new Seiko Alpinist for my birthday! Which strap do you like? The OEM strap looks good but it...