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Still aglow from Intersect Atlanta

This past Saturday was Intersect Atlanta, which was brought together by @Wes_nodus , @Formex , and @TimeToDesign . This was the first for such a watch...

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commented on Should I sell my prx analog and get a digital?

If you already have Casio or G-Shock, not seeing how this PRX digital adds to a collection

commented on microbrand rectangular watches ?

Albert Villa.

Though lately they've started putting out more traditional round cases.

commented on Thoughts on this homage?

I've got a couple of Baltany watches and they deliver a lot for the money.

commented on Who is your favorite watch related you tuber?

Just One More Watch - Jody

Caseback Watches - Tim

Andrew Morgan

Britt Pierce

Jenni Elle

Just the Watch - Dave

commented on Straps....

Tuns, ZicZac, WatchGecko

commented on Intersect and Intersect Los Angeles

Went to the Intersect show in Atlanta. It was fantastic.

commented on Where do you sell your watches?

Watchexchange on Reddit seems to be where the action is now. I stopped using eBay myself as their fees got out of control.