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My garage sale story

So my wife had two 20 year old quartz Coach and Bulova ladies watches that someone at our garage sale wanted to buy. The batteries were dead and hadn’...

Considering expanding instead of upgrading but feel guilty

I posted this in another popular forum. Excuse the double post if you frequent both. So about a year ago I got some, what I thought were, “starter” wa...

What is the longest amount of time you’ve kept a watch and what motivated you to keep it?

I’m genuinely curious. Please share.

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commented on Citizen tsuyosa review (spoiler I love it) ·

Love the yellow.

commented on ***NWA*** So excited for this one! ·

I love this watch in both colorways. It looks like it could have come out of Disney’s Tomorrowland or the Jetson’s. It’s got that cool 60s look of what they thought the future would be.

commented on Excitement 😃😁 ·

I just read a review of this watch and it says it has a roulette date wheel. Does the date change color every other day?

commented on Going smaller…. ·

Nice watch!

commented on Tag Heuer Formula 1 41mm quartz ·


commented on GADA watch ·

My previous gen, black dial, 39mm Longines Conquest is my GADA.

commented on Two months into the new year, how many of you, like me, have failed to keep your watch purchasing resolutions? ·

I made a commitment to focus on straps this year and have stuck to it.

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Tag Heuer Formula 1 41mm quartz

I’m quite attracted to this watch. I like how sporty it is, black bezel, 12/6, date, 200m WR, and being quartz is a bonus in my mind. The lug to lug i...

I’ve given myself permission to rotate less and I feel relieved

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the constant rotating of my watches. I don’t know why I felt the need to wear a new watch every day, but I did. Recen...

Got a little compass for my Khaki Field

I thought it would complete the outdoor aesthetic. Still getting used to it. Was the smallest I could find. What do you think?

Do you collect Timex Peanuts watches to mark the seasons and holidays?

I am considering it. It seems like a lot of fun!

Embracing the darkness of Winter

So, it’s Winter where I am and with the exception of my GADA I’ve switched to all black straps and am embracing the darkness.

Mid sized no date diver recommendations

I’d love to see your recommendations for a no date diver in the 37-39mm range. I’ve become quite interested in no date watches. The Vaer 38mm D4 Merid...