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ISO Wearer Feedback

So I’m contemplating a tritium tube watch and in my search I look at Ball, Marathon, etc and come across LumiNox. I have no idea if they make a good p...

Worth it?

Debating on this watch is worth the 2k. Anyone out there have this model and can give some feedback?
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Sell or keep?

I have about 22 watches in my collection and as I get deeper into watch collecting I’m realizing that some of my pieces are just not enjoyable anymore mainly because they are too big for my wrist. I h...
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commented on SDwatchfan's WRUW ·

Thanks! This is atop of Mount Laguna in San Diego County. Great 360 views!

commented on WatchLove's WRUW ·

Wow this looks amazing! How’s the case finishing and edges? I’ve been on the fence about pulling the trigger on a Farer universal

commented on SDwatchfan's WRUW ·

Personally, it really feels like the more I get into watches the simpler my taste for style and design becomes. Anyone else?

commented on SDwatchfan's WRUW ·

Personally I think it would look better as a no date watch but it pulls it off either way

commented on SDwatchfan's WRUW ·

It totally does resemble a wax stamp

commented on SDwatchfan's WRUW ·

Our daily ritual

commented on rohitmchandra's WRUW ·

I love this watch! So happy to see people appreciating Farer

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Do you wear two watches at once?

I don’t come across many people who wear traditional watches anymore. It’s often just Samsung or Apple Watches people gravitate towards, but, as a watch enthusiast, I’m sometimes inclined to wear two...
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As my collection grows to unsustainable levels where I’m not giving all my watches the wrist time they deserve, I’m wondering if I want to continue winding all my watches at night to keep them going or let them wind down. What do you think?

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Lume shot!

Blasted with a light to get the right shot but I am totally in love with the new additions to my collection.

New addition to the collection

Been on the fence about adding another bronze watch to the collection and finally pulled the trigger on this beaut.


I’ve struggled to figure out what kind of collection I want to have wether that’s quartz watches only or strictly micro brand watches, I think one imp...