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Happy St. Patty's Day !!

I hope everyone had a great safe St.Patricks day. Ok family let's have some fun. I know people will be drinking all weekend so my question to you is?...
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Happy New Year Family!!! What is the first purchase on your list for 2023?

I just sent my wife a link for the lorier gmt . She said if I continue to be a good boy she will get for me.馃槀馃槀馃槀 So what is your watch ? Crazy watch pe...
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Hey family my mud man

Question casio is hands down the best everyday watch. I work with my hands and at the end of the day I just run it under the water and all cl...
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Pete127 commented on Uh Oh

Wow never seen that before.馃槷 Definitely do not wear it can cause more damage .

Pete127 commented on Real beaters!

My beater is my casio mudman. I beat the crap out of it everyday. Rinse it under water and keep going.

Pete127 commented on The Ultimate Divers Watch Under USD$2000

To be honest I feel oris is the best choice.I also feel they do not get the credit they deserve. They make a fantastic dive watch that I feel is as good as any out there. The brand has legit heritage and quality .

Pete127 commented on So I鈥檝e bought a couple islanders

Mark does a solid job with his brand. He listens to what the people want and at a great price bravo pal enjoy!!!

Pete127 commented on Captain cook

Yes very cool enjoy!!Also cool is the logo moves as well very interesting. I like this watch a lot.

Pete127 commented on Trigger warning: OCD rant...

I am not worried about it at all. All I can think about is convincing my wife to not get crazy when I buy a new watch soon. But on that note yes the cut off numbers do not look appealing.

Pete127 commented on Interesting issue on BB58

Wow well ok馃槵

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I have on my Seiko today

This is my sarw411 JDM model titanium. It has the 6r27 movement.
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Ok watch family

I am looking at the Christopher Ward gmt orca black with the gilded dial. Does anyone own one? If so do you like it? It looks like a solid watch but i...
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Question Watch Crunch family

What is everybody opinion on Dan Henry watches? I looked at the website they look good but does anyone own one? I know there price point so I am not e...
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What watch has the most meaning?

Good morning everyone!! I am in Pennsylvania this morning going to a wedding and when I got married I wore my reduced speedy day date. This watch is v...
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Ok guys question of the day!!!

Which Chronograph would you choose if you had only one choice? Mine would be the Omega Speed master in solid gold. Reasons being it's has the heritage...
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My Seiko J D M model titanium

This watch has a frost dial power reserve just a beautiful watch to wear. It has the 6r27 inside with a open case back. The polishing on this watch is...
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Ok question of the night!

If you guys were stranded on a island. What watch would you want ? Now think about it for a second. You need to survive so maybe you would want someth...
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