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I found my first watch!

I got this bad boy from my parents when I was around 6 or 7, so about 13-14 years ago. When I dug it out it immidiately gave me flashbacks, mainly how...

Once again, G is back in the collection!

I used to have two G-shocks, the casioak and a different solar square but sold them due to some inconveniences. I always had my eye on the GW-M5610, t...

When gun porn becomes watch porn

I found my old Kaliber magazines, which are basically the equalent of playboy or hustler for gunnuts in my country, and I got the inspiration to do a...

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commented on I found my first watch!

It is an attractive watch. I could have been a baller first grader if I actually wore it but I was always very anti establishment and didnt let my parents will of learning analog time telling be forced upon me.馃槃

The sratches are from sitting in a tin box amongst a bunch of rubbish for 13 years. The poor thing.馃槬

commented on Not My Norm: Laco 42.5mm Manual

This is mine, its a limited edition with a miyota movement, sapphire, blued hands, ar and awesome lume.馃榿

commented on Not My Norm: Laco 42.5mm Manual

I love Laco, good job curing that watch, its beautifull.

I have a 42mm augsburg with 50 lug to lug and my wrist os smaller then yours but I think I can pull it off. Fliegers are supposed to be big, they were 50mm originally to house the swiss pocketwatch movements and to be worn over the pilots puffy coat.

commented on Where are you guys from ?

We alredy have a PM who thinks he is 馃槃

commented on Where are you guys from ?

Ajaccio is where Napoleon is from, right? Thats cool.

Im from Hungary. 馃嚟馃嚭馃嚟馃嚭馃嚟馃嚭

commented on Patrik2's WRUW

Agreed! Such an underrated watch, the cheapest turtle you can find on the used market but also the most beautifull in my opinion.

commented on Patrik2's WRUW

Ooops, sorry about the misspelling, Im in the process of learning the deutsch.馃榿

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What do y'all think of this watch?

Hey crunchers, Im courious about your opinion on this Seiko Spirit SCVS011 "pre sarb" model. The reason im asking is that I cant find much info on it...

Dein wei脽es Fleich erregt mich so...

My love for watches grew exponentially in 2023 alongside with my religious like enthusiasm about the german industrial metal band, Rammstein and prett...

SOTC, in case anyone wonders

I really enjoy looking at my watches. Taking them in the hand. Putting them on. Comparing them. It would be fine doing alone, but us, humans are very...