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Grail watch now or a few more flips?

So I have a watch dilemma I would like some thoughts on. I have been buying and flipping a few watches here and there now that the bubble has run its...

Grand seiko Snowflak “potentially” for sale

I’ve owed this for six months, worn a dozen times and as much as I love the watch it just doesn’t fit my style and or in my collection. It’s my most a...

State of the market

I’m curious to hear the opinions from Watch crunchers who aren’t necessarily Watch dealers but who are collectors that frequently buy sell and trade w...

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commented on Which brand to try the new Manufacture La Joux-Perret G100? ·

There is more demand for movements than eta or selita can manufacture

commented on Grail watch now or a few more flips? ·

And then this is this watch. Another I have been pining for and prices are down to $8k ish now as well.

commented on Grail watch now or a few more flips? ·

This IS good advice and probably will take it. But, if this is the bottom and prices go up…… real bad advice😂😂😂

commented on PRX & Tsuyosa | shots | ·

Citizen wins for finishing, prx wins for design

commented on My Breguet Tradition 7027 in Rose ·

Thanks for Sharing! You don’t see these very often. One of my all time favorite designs!

commented on Need help deciding. ·

You sir, are a genius! I bet it would work. I would absolutely love a GO! Best value for money in that $10k zone too!

commented on Baume et Mercier Riviera Baumatic ·

Looks like pretty decent finish on the movement for the price! Very handsome design!

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New strap day!

Apologize if this is a double post. I thought I posted it already but don’t see it anywhere. I just wanted to share my experience with the strap Taylo...

Any watch brands you refuse to own?

This is a new one for me. I like to collect one watch at least from brands I admire and just want to own at least once in my life. So far have owned R...

New (to me) watch day!

Thanks for the fair deal on the trade @Rome1234 Fits perfect! Absolutely love the intagrated design and the H link bracelet! It’s super comfortable fo...

Prague technical museum

Thought I would share some interesting things I found at the Prague technical museum today.

Prim watches Prague

Hello watch crunchers. Stumbled across a brand I was previously unfamiliar with while visiting Prague. Anyone have any first hand experience?

Ebel watches

Curious what if any experience any watch crunchers have with Ebel watches?